When Damian speaks, people listen.

What he has learned has been ingrained into him on a cellular level, through a lifetime at the coalface, a lifetime of purpose, commitment and survival. His very body stands a patchwork of scars, a reflection of toil and perseverance and a mindset to constantly strive to be better. 

When Damian speaks people listen.

He embodies his philosophy and has earned his contentment and inner peace the hard way, the only way it can be earned, facing down his fears and chasing his self-realisation. 

When Damian speaks you will listen.

For 23 years Damian has pushed his body and mind to it's perceived limits through professional rugby and now extreme adventures and will share those hard earned insights and valuable learnings with genuine care and intent to your business, team or organisation.

Damian has written and delivered powerful keynotes and presentations entitled:

  • Facing into Challenge
  • A lifetime of challenge in 63 days - Rowing the Atlantic solo
  • Mental strength & Resilience - The 4 Controllables Method
  • Drive not Motivation
  • Strategies, tools and processes for mental strength. "How I prepared my mind for the ultimate battle, 63 days alone rowing the Atlantic"
  • Overcoming fear 
  • My ‘deep learning’ framework to become unstoppable 
  • Ownership & commitment the foundational steps to achieve anything in life
  • 588 days. Success lies in the prep. My journey from committing to the start line of my Atlantic row
  • Blending peak performance and extreme adventure

Damian regularly shares his experiences and learnings with companies like EY and Facebook, has given a TEDx talk entitled "The hidden values in pushing your body to its limits" and had the honour of addressing the Irish Rugby squad before their historic victory over the All Blacks in Dublin, November 2018. 

How can Damian bring value to your team, company or culture?



"What Damian has achieved since completing his rugby career is remarkable - however to achieve these feats at 6'5", 280 pounds, in the worlds toughest conditions, repeatedly... that's truly mind-blowing.

As you might expect, Damian's story is a masterclass on courage, grit and mental fortitude. It is however the humilitv and grace by which Damian shares his adventures that makes him trulv unique. You must see him to believe it."

- Simon Curran, ROKT



"I can personally recommend Damian as a speaker for any conference. Within a fairly short time-period he committed to preparing a full length TED speech, and flew down to Switzerland to present it to an audience of more than 500 people. Working on the speech together with Damian was a very pleasant experience and his approach was professional. The retelling of his numerous extreme adventures, in combination with the lessons learned within them, provided for a compelling narrative which kept the audience invested for the entirety of his speech."

- Florian Misteli, Head of Speakers, TED×HSG 2018


"Damian spoke to the players and staff the week of The All Blacks test match in Dublin last November. Using footage from his Atlantic row, he brought us along on his gruelling journey. Describing the man challenges that he faced. Damian also shared the mental strategies and processes he used, which helped him to get to the other side. The players were engaged throughout and it was plain to see that they were impressed by the will and determination shown by Damian. The plavers were in the midst of preparation to plav the world's Number one rugby team so we were hoping for some of that determination to stick."

- Joe Schmidt, Ireland Rugby Coach

""Damian continues to amaze me & my teams. Damian spent time with the Xtremepush team after his first Atlantic row & more recently his historic crossing from NYC to Furbo. We have been lucky enough to have other leaders & inspirational speakers talk to us over the last few year but Damian by far struck the largest cord with his absolute honesty, integrity & passion as he talked us through his 112 days at sea. Our Team were, and still are, mesmerised with the details and most importantly can relate to both Damian and his extreme ventures to their own progress in their own personal & business life. I would highly recommend the Big Man for any organisation trying to instill vision, passion, resilience & showing how anything can be done when we put our mind to it."

- Tommy Kearns, CEO & Co-Founder of Xtremepush


"My company, i3PT, are hugely interested in high performance and a growth mindset. As part of our efforts to continue the professional and personal development of our teams, we frequently host davs with interesting speakers from the worlds of sport and business. In October of 2022, we were very fortunate to have Damian Browne join us at the Aviva Stadium. His presentation and subsequent Q&A were a revelation for our people. He tells his incredible story with so much humility, passion and honesty that it's impossible not to be inspired. Damian had a huge impact on us. His learnings are very transferable. His focus on mental resilience, visualisation and honesty of endeavour were notable features for our group. In short, I couldn't recommend Damian more highly for any speaking events or team-building davs."

- Eoin Leaonard, 13PT


"Keeping staff motivated during a prolonged pandemic induced lockdown is difficult. Distractions from the daily workload is something we put in place to help with this, where colleagues could sit back and hear inspiring stories from people from all walks of life - such as an extreme adventurer, Australian Olvmpian, Australian defence force personnel, iudge, politician etc. We were delighted to have Damian kick off the first session and share some of the incredible stories from both his rugby career and extreme adventures, in particular the challenges he faced and overcame in his solo Atlantic row. While there is no doubting the phvsical strenath needed to tackle that task, what most impressed this bunch of lawyers was the mental fortitude displayed by Damian during his iourney. Damian's humble and honest insights led to a fantastic and engaging session where people walked away inspired to be a better version of themselves."

- Gordon McGann. Partner Hamilton Locke