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“Pain is the ultimate reality and at The Damian Browne Method we are very interested in reality. I have learned so much about myself and about life by placing my body and mind in states of extreme stress, discomfort, sometimes pain and finding a way to continue when every cell in my body screamed to quit. These windows of exposure, to your most vulnerable self, hold incredible opportunity to deepen and improve your relationship with yourself, forging a spirit of humility, integrity and strength. I have always seen these training sessions and my ability to consistently pursue them as my edge in life; entering into “the pain cave” where few others dare to thread but now The Pain Cave will take a new form; one with an open door, a warm welcome and invitation to have a look around and join the fun"

- Damian

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What will The Pain Cave hold?



Curious to see behind the curtain into the life of an extreme adventurer? In this raw and uncut documentary series, Pain Cave members will get a never before seen view into Damian’s life as he juggles being a new father, training and commitments to his Project Empower expedition; an incredible 5000km row across The North Atlantic Ocean and starting a new business.

Exclusive to The Damian Browne Method & The Pain Cave

The Pain Cave Podcast. 

The exclusive Pain Cave Podcast will see Damian delve into the hearts and minds of athletes, adventurers and high performers in their sphere of life and extract what they do to succeed and ultimately realise their full potential.



Lessons from The Pain Cave Series

Certain physical training sessions have the capacity to create altered mental states; these states can unveil the simple alongside the profound in an electrical instant. After many years of training like this and experiencing these important insights Damian realised he was missing out on valuable learnings so he created a step in his Deep Practice Framework to capture as much of the value as possible called “What Comes Up”. Lessons from the Pain Cave will be an audio and visual series sharing these “What Comes Up” moments and their learnings.

‘Sweat The Details’ series

The quality of your practice matters. It matters a lot! So many people waste their time and energy by doing exercises incorrectly. In this video series Damian will teach your proper execution of resistance training exercises and conditioning training plus share with you what you should be focusing on during training and cues to help you achieve excellence in your execution. These details are what separates the good from the great and done consistently over time are what create the differences in performance. 


The 4 Pillars of Damian Browne Method Unveiled

The Damian Browne Method is a methodology of challenge and deep change. We believe ‘a person’s destiny comes from their character’ and our mission is to create transformational change in our trainees through paradigm shifting & character deepening experiences. We accomplish this through our ‘Body First Philosophy’ where the gateway to raising our individual level of consciousness is through physical experience or more specifically the nervous system. 

The Damian Browne Method takes a two pronged approach to achieve these life changing transformations. 

Top Down - Where we use our signature 6 Step - Pathway to Self - Mastery Program to empower our trainees through responsibility, purpose and commitment to uncover limiting beliefs, end self-sabotaging behaviour and align the trainee’s hierarchy of values with his daily thoughts and actions. 

Bottom Up - Where we use the inside out approach to build up the trainee immediately on a physical, mental and emotional level through real challenge. Leveraging the powerful rewards of raising one’s personal standards, self-discipline in the pursuit of a personal goal and the sense of achievement from persevering through challenging times to accomplish that goal. Here we employ our Deep Practice Framework and The 4 Controllables Method.





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Exclusive Expedition Video Diaries.


At least once a year I attempt an endeavour that I know I need to do in my life to continue to connect with a reality deeply hidden from everyday existence by layers of comfort and a rotten, toxic societal culture. These endeavours are expeditions into some of the wildest, most unforgiving parts of the planet; where I will push and be pushed to by limits and beyond. These expeditions feed me to my most primal, animalistic level, while challenging me deeply to understand myself through exposure to my weaknesses and vulnerability. They also give me incredible life experiences and memories that can never be taken away. 

Through the power of technology I will be keeping the Pain Cave members up to date from the coalface of my latest expedition with exclusive video diaries, only available inside The Pain Cave.

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Pain Cave Group Challenges. 


I hold a strongly explored and reinforced belief that continually challenging oneself in some avenue of life, be it physical, psychological or emotional is the best way to continually learn, grow and stay young with an open heart and mind; overcoming the rot, apathy and malaise of 21st century Western life.

To start, (Jan 2022) I plan on releasing one of these challenges I think up for myself every 3 months. If The Pain Cave membership grows I will look at making them more regular.  

Exclusive DEEP ROOTS Episodes


My mission with Deep Roots is to share my journey to self realisation through the vehicle of extreme adventures and expeditions. The deepening of oneself through toil and hardship, dreams and purpose, and the pursuit of my physical, mental and emotional edges throughout the four corners of our incredible planet, surrounded and challenged by nature's wonders. 

Deep Roots has now broadcast two seasons, with season to Mount Everest receiving massive listenership and the show sitting at the top of the Irish Charts for weeks and being listened to in over 40 countries.

Season 3 will be broadcast live from the North Atlantic Ocean as my good friend, Gussy Farrell and I, endeavour to be the first Irish team to ever row 5000kms from New York to our home town on the West Coast of Ireland, Galway.

Pain Cave members will receive exclusive Deep Roots episodes as we row, meaning they’ll be the only people with the full story of this incredible undertaking. 

Eoin Dobbin

"I have followed Damian and his content closely on various social media channels over the last couple of years. In that time I have learnt a huge amount about myself, how the human mind works and how to be a better performer both in training and in other areas of life. I  have used Damian’s 4 Controllables Method not only in the gym, on the rowing machine when things get hectic, but also in other areas of life, such as facing fears with my own business and becoming a skydiver. Standing at the door of an aeroplane at 13000 feet with nothing but your parachute is a daunting feeling and it takes something powerful to keep you calm and focused on the task at hand instead of the fear that is eating you. The method is just that. As incredible as Damians socials have been, they are nothing on the membership platform I have had for the best part of this year. In depth, authentic, behind the scenes content has broken down every little bit of Damian’s process and provided non-stop value through videos, written posts, webinars, private podcast guests and much more. It has taken me behind the scenes in his physical training processes, value systems and mental training and shown you how to actually use them in your own life. My only complaint was that there was so much incredible content I didn’t have time to utilise it all! Thank you Damian.”

Liam O’Farrell

"I signed up for your membership in May 2020. At the time Ireland was in lockdown with some of the harshest restrictions in the world. As a self-employed builder my world had been upended the previous 2 months. My work had completely ceased and my children were off school so I was homeschooling them. I’d always trained hard and thought myself to be mentally resilient, however covid certainly did its best to break both my training and mental strength. The frameworks and techniques you shared over the following months and years were fantastic. Starting with the deep practice programming framework my training absolutely stepped up to a new level. Each session planned with a clear focus. Each session assessed. Your videos on mental strength and resilience were excellent. No *llshit, just work. It absolutely summed up to me what life is about. No shortcuts. No secrets. Just work. In a time of complete chaos your membership posts were a beacon of light. For the month of august 2020 I did the 2k a day erg challenge. Honestly it was life changing. It was built around the 4 Controllables and using those techniques to put yourself in places where there is nowhere to hide. I absolutely loved it (and hated it). I use some part of The 4 Controllables every day now. It’s an unbelievable tool. As I said before I really believe you have something special to share with the world. It’s an excellent message that teaches sound principles. .”



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